Mixed media

Playing Field

Playing Field started with a 1966 postage stamp that came my way on a package. (Who knew such old stamps were still valid?) My attention was drawn first by the vivid color scheme, but it was held by the image…

Flower Power

This body of work represents a nod to tradition in pattern and shape while also reflecting a modern voice by way of material investigation and use. Harking back to hand made quilts and doilies, Angela Caldwell gives honor to the…

Glass Bead

I wanted to submit this piece because it is a simple piece but can accent your outfit beautifully.

Bronze Flowers Clarity Bangle

Shaping metal into forms inspired by textiles and silhouettes traditionally found in fashion has been a passion of mine, for some time. This statement bangle is both a frilly bell cuff on a sleeve and a dress for the arm….

Arabesque Broccato

My jewels are driven by a delight in the body-adorned, as well as a narrative implicit in each piece. It’s my intention that the jewels, intrinsically wearable art in precious metal, enamels, and gemstones, are made to be experienced, flaunted,…

Either and Neither

A question that I had been asked: “Where are you from? Where are you really from?”

Father Sky & Mother Earth

The ring I’m submitting was born out of my birth stone, which is Amethyst. It was hand carved numerous years ago, and I decided to create a piece using sterling silver and 14KYG. All my work is One-of-a-Kind, as all…

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