Fine jewelry

Star pod

My work is a celebration of life and a testimony to it’s splendor. Known in the ALCHEMICAL TEXT as the “Splendor Solis” or splendor of the Sun. I am inspired by liquid forms, conception, DNA, pods and gestation. I attempt…

Seed of Temptation (Phytolacca)

I view my work in jewelry as moments in a life’s journey; a response to the mysteries and ambiguities of existence.

Salt & Hewn

The way we adorn ourselves speaks a thousand words. The jewelry you will find here is meant to live with you. It is to take you to the casually luxurious and beyond. I make each piece with care and curiosity…

The Cosmic Ring

The Power of Rings. What makes a ring powerful? Is it the interplay of shifting light, shadow, and depth created by the unique combination of colors, or is it the vintage surface that recalls memories and projects unmistakable power? I…

Fruit Ants

This piece is an all around laser etched ants and pierced mother of pearl fruits with sterling silver backings, and 18K yellow gold prongs.

Tiger Stripe Moth

This work is my interpretation of the pattern of the and color I see in nature. A combination of transparent and painting enamel were used to create this piece. I like the balance the enamel itself and the bolder lines…

Hand Fabricated Carved and Chased Ring

Hand Fabricated, carved and chased 18K yellow gold and platinum ring with diamonds.

Kelp Crab on Kelp

During the pandemic shutdown, I paused adding to my jewellery inventory and used the unstructured time to design and fabricate a large sculptural installation – a copper kelp forest. Using anticlastic raising, I forged copper kelp fronds to created a…

Parametric Gold Fish Ring

My work is inspired by Parametricism, an architectural style based on algorithms and related values resulting in fluid and curving forms, echoing systems found in nature. In Parametricism, shapes are transformable in the form of a slow modulation. It is…

Desert Rose

This cuff bracelet was designed using many of my favorite techniques. The organic textures of the silver were created using a flame. The ruby contrast the silver beautifully and the gold provides the perfect transition. The gray diamond set in…

Beautiful Erosion

I work in primarily in gold and silver ,often incorporating gemstones. I have a painting background and I find that this adds to my jewelry making. I make pieces that tell stories. It is a way to express my views…

Linear Bracelet

This bracelet was made using multiple lengths of wire in both silver and gold. Each element is drilled in two places to allow steel cable to pass through and connect all of the separate components together. My interest was to…

El Beso

This Neck Piece – El Beso – is part of a one of a kind series I made for my solo exhibition “Love” inspired in the best description of a Kiss I’ve ever read in my life by the master…


Imagine a springtime breeze, the sound of trees, and a helicopter seedpod spun down from a giant maple, weaving her way around your finger, beginning to dance and sprout right there, on your body, in your eyes… that is this…

3-stone Bezel Set Emerald Cut Sapphire Ring

18K yellow gold bezel set emerald cut ring with one 4.55ct. certified vivid pink sapphire, one 3.04ct. orange sapphire, and one 2.01ct. teal sapphire, 9.60ct. total weight

The Poetic Lines of Architecture: Blue and White

This series of artworks takes the personally perceived most iconic architectural structures in Macau as the creative theme for the eight pieces in this series. These buildings are located on Macau’s three islands, and Portuguese-style bricks are traditionally utilized for…

Small Luna Moth

I work with my son Ethan. You can see us work in our studio on the jewelry episode of Craft in America.  

Wild Rose Necklace

This necklace is hand fabricated using 20k gold, natural gold nuggets, and mammoth ivory beads, all from the Yukon, and emerald beads from Colombia.

Ruby Slice, Diamond, and Gold Hexagon Earrings

I produce fine contemporary jewelry and other metal designs primarily in the precious metals of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum. These are often further defined with the addition of texturing, gemstones and other unique lapidary, or resin inlay. “Clean. Crisp….

Folia and Arrow Earrings and Necklace

I strive to help people give new life to old jewelry that isn’t worn anymore and this customer chose to use my Folia fringe-style earring design and sketched the arrow pendant using the leaflets from my leaf-style Folia design as…

Titiania and Isolde (Gown by Atelier des Modistes)

Imaginal Cell Series ~Bespoke Hair Accessories When a caterpillar experiences metamorphosis, it must first come to terms with its mortality. Amorphous cells, known as Imaginal Cells, multiply within the chrysalis, impervious to the caterpillar’s immune system. When the Imaginal Cells…

Amethyst sage brooch

Amethyst sage brooch inspired the autumn when leaves turn gold. The forest of dendritic cells reflect the beauty of the amethyst sage agate.


Hypersonic is a work created from copper, powdercoat, and acrylic rod that references current global topics.

The Cyclades Revisited

Some of the first pieces we studied in Art History (1971) were the Cycladic sculptures from islands in the Aegean Sea, created between 3300 to 1100 BCE. I’ve always been intrigued by those faces with nothing more than a nose-like…

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