#2693 Peaceful night, Shelter them

Marianne Hunter


Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, United States

3 x 3 x 1/8

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Photo credit: Barry Blau

Inspired by this 1915 WWI Rene’ Lalique “Orphans of the Armies” medal, respectfully held in place with cold connections. The vulnerable figures of woman and 2 babies are bound together by fear and compassion. My piece is designed to shelter them from war and want….cold winter stars above give them light, interwoven branches hide them, doves of peace watch over them. A moonstone moon hovers over all. The left hand panel is my dry-sifted grisaille enamel technique. 25+ firings. I’ve used silver foils beneath the various whites to give the tree depth and shimmer & gold foil branches to connect enamel panel to the 24kt gold tree of the center. The fabricated tree, soldered over 14kt white gold, is engraved to glimmers with a sky full of (recycled diamond) stars. The right hand panel is instrument-grade ebony is engraved and has diamond stars inset. I’ve used river found Sri Lankan star sapphires, recycled diamonds & moonstones for the effect of a cascade of stars.

Self-taught. 1967 began my life's work in enamel; street fair to museum collections. 1970 Begin developing a dry-enamel technique. 1978: w/artist Wm Hunter, built river home & studios by Yosemite: fires/floods/art-leaps/nature/friends/adventure. '98 move to CA coast. I'm a storyteller of 1-of-kind works in enamel/metal & eclectics. Thrilling ride!

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