42.23 (f)

Kristin Morales


Austin, TX, United States

10 in x 8 in x .78 in

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In 1973 Texas made the Texas obscenity statute against “lewd” and “obscene devices” in interest of the well-being of the Public, in which made it illegal to own more than six or more obscene devices. The artist wanted to show the hypocrisy of frivolous laws in the interest of the well-being of the public by pairing these ideas with the cold heaviness of the miniature metal guns that have taken innocent lives. The seven guns are modeled after the top 7 mass shooting in Texas. In hope that we can all think about what the best interest of the public is.

Kristin "Diane" Morales is a queer and Latin artist originating from El Paso, Texas as well as having lived in Mexico for much of their life. They received their degree as a metalsmith and ceramicist from the University of Texas at El Paso where they began exploring political and social themes in their art.

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