Architectonic Ring

Claudio Pino


Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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Photo credit: Claudio Pino

For this sculptural platinum ring, I was inspired by Futurist architecture, not one specific building but more an aesthetic. Architects such as Adrian Wilson, Charles Lucian, and Vincent Callebaut have come up with some futurist concepts of what the green cities of tomorrow might be like. The undulating glass curtain of the IAC Building designed by Frank Gehry is another magnificent example of how imagination has no limit. Moreover, architects such as Neil Denari, Dickson Despommier, Jacques Rougerie, and Ma Yanking, just to name a few, have all made real what was seemingly impossible.

Award-winning master jeweler, Claudio Pino, is world-renowned for his sculptural and kinetic rings. His intricate designs appear in mainstream films such as The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Pino’s work is recognized for his unique way of transforming raw materials into kaleidoscopic works of fine art jewelry.

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