Acilius Pied Alongé

Linda Kaye-Moses


Plumdinger Studio
Dalton, MA, United States

18" l x 4.5" h x .25" d

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Photo credit: Evan J. Soldinger

My work is driven by a delight in the body-embellished, as well as a narrative quality implicit in each piece. Over the past four decades I have worked to develop jewelry whose voice speaks of my inspiration, and also speaks clearly to those who will eventually wear my jewels. My jewels are intrinsically wearable art, small sculptural adornment in precious metal, enamels, and gemstones.

All my jewels explore the fusion of their elements with the stories they relate, each object speaking as a collection of connected, coherent imagery. Aldous Huxley noted the transformative nature of stained glass windows, fireworks and gemstones. However central wearability may be, it is the possibility of that transformation that I hope to bring to my jewels, as the jewels become the outward expression of who we hope to become.

Linda Kaye-Moses’ jewels have been exhibited major juried shows and exhibitions, and has appeared in many jewelry art books. She has curated jewelry exhibitions and was a final juror for The Saul Bell Design Awards. Her designs reflects her delight in the body-adorned and the narrative implicit in each piece, developing a style that speaks clearly

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