Chuyue Wang


Oakland, California, United States

4.5 x 4 inches

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Photo credit: Tung lin Tsai

The different textures on the left and right of Ageing contrast to show a sense of the tree changing as it ages. I received unexpected feedback from audiences after the work was completed. Some viewers read from it that aging is irresistible and one has to accept the laws of nature. And after the baptism of time, it brings a different kind of aesthetic. There was a previous version of this work, but after the shaping was completed I felt the vitality of growth instead of aging. So I deconstructed it and made it into the current shape.

I believe that art is a powerful tool for people to express their ideas and tell their own stories. Each of my pieces tells its own story, giving meaning beyond the metals they use or the forms they may take. My metal art pieces apply themselves to celebrate the beauty of imperfection which I believe is the perfect state of life.

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