Elizabeth Tokoly


Hoboken, NJ, United States

40mm x 60mm x 22mm

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Photo credit: Macy Schreiber

Bold, Simple, Geometric Art Jewelry with an eclectic edge: inspired by the raw beauty of nature, sacred geometry, simplicity, and patterns. The work represents my love of geometry. The collections create an evolution of a simple shape into sophisticated motifs and patterns. Each original collectible piece of artisan jewelry is skillfully designed and crafted using traditional metalsmithing techniques and contemporary ideas.
Jewelry is made from precious metals and non. The work incorporates a mix of precious gemstones and diamonds. The shapes of the stones are organic and geometric. The techniques are age old techniques, such as forging, lost wax casting, forming, soldering and fabrication. The finishes are patinated SS, gold, textured, satin and polished.

Elizabeth Tokoly is a graduate from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. The founder of EatMetal Art Jewelry Gallery and Metals Studio. She exhibits nationally. She is an educator for schools such as Peter’s Valley, Fairleigh Dickinson University and Snow farm. Elizabeth is published in jewelry books/magazines such as MJSA, 500 Earrings, Vogue.

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