Rachael DePasquale


Rachael DePasquale Jewelry
San Francisco, CA, United States

15mm x 2.8mm

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Photo credit: Molly Slough

This pendant is a piece from my upcoming capsule collection which translates Victorian architectural design elements into wearable jewelry.

New motherhood is a delightful, challenging experience filled with moments of pure joy and amazement. One particular delight I had when caring for my infant daughter was the wonder and curiosity she expressed when looking at the shapes and silhouettes of the ceiling medallions that frame the chandeliers in our home.

This is my interpretation of one of my favorite ceiling medallions and serves as a tangible memory of those early, cherished days with my daughter.

I am a self-taught jewelry designer whose love for metalsmithing has been a creative respite. I take pride in meticulously crafted pieces which are delicate, yet powerful in meaning. My designs start from a personal story or experience & ultimately transform into a piece the wearer can cherish as their own tangible memory.

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