Amorphous Forms Necklace

Emma Macchiarini


Mountain Metalworks Jewelry
Asheville, NC, United States

1x 16

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Photo credit: Emma Macchiarini

Emma Macchiarini Mankin-Morris is the third generation of metal smiths in the Macchiarini family. She draws her inspiration from the work of her Father and Grandfather, as well as her love of the natural world. Themes in her work vary from animal forms, floral blooms, and the human body, to outer space and mathematic, or geometric pattern. Emma enjoys creating Jewelry which comes of a process rather than a pattern. She looks at Jewelry making as an adventure with challenges, and points of interest, rather than the mere creation of an object. At best, her work is the making of wearable sculpture, as learned by studying with her Grandfather Peter Macchiarini.
Emma believes in a strong relationship, and balance between Art and Craft, as well as an ethical and ecological approach to Jewelry making.
Emma Macchiarini now lives in Asheville, North Carolina, where she has founded a jewelry school, and Gallery/shop.

I create one of a kind handcrafted rings, earrings, bracelets,and other wearable art. I practice bench jewelry making as it was passed down to me by grandfather Peter, and Father Daniel Macchiarini.I am the first woman in my family to carry on the tradition of bespoke jewelry making, and teaching. I lead workshops, and create my jewelry in my shop.

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