Arabesque Broccato

Linda Kaye-Moses

Linda Kaye-Moses_Arabesque Broccato Neckpiece

Dalton, MA, United States

34 inches long

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Photo credit: Evan J. Soldinger

My jewels are driven by a delight in the body-adorned, as well as a narrative implicit in each piece. It’s my intention that the jewels, intrinsically wearable art in precious metal, enamels, and gemstones, are made to be experienced, flaunted, displayed and to speak with my voice to those who will eventually wear them.

I collaborate with gemstones and vitreous enamels, and precious metals to generate the body of my work. All my jewels explore the fusion of these elements with the stories they relate, each object speaking as a collection of connected, coherent imagery.

Wearability is central but my goal is also transformation as the jewels become an outward expression of who we hope to become.

The designs on the neckpiece Arabesque Broccato, reference those known as arabesques, shown on Middle Eastern and Indian handwoven textiles. Materials: Fine & Sterling silver,18k gold, 24k gold foil, enamels, opals.

Linda graduated from University of Vermont ‘63 and has been a studio jeweler for 45 years. Her jewels are a narrative collaboration between her, the gemstones, the precious metals, and the enamels. Her jewels have been at The Smithsonian Craft Show and in books; she was a final juror for The Saul Bell Design Awards; and is a published author.

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