Astral Passage

Teri Brudnak


Capistrano Beach, CA, United States

4" x 4" x 1/4"

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Photo credit: Teri Brudnak

Circles, disc and spheres are a universal echo of the cosmos.
As ancient Chinese used the Pi as a stone for speaking to the heavens, we now direct our giant lenses to peer out into the Universe.
The use of reflective and transparent materials in this brooch gives light waves a chance to play. Titled “Astral Passage” it encloses two discs that move and collide with each other.

As long as the sun glitters on the water and stars spin in the sky, we have loved the encounters with these visual phenomenon of light. My interest in making is expressing the impossible to capture by using light, diffraction and pattern. Computers are my intelligent assistants that help me envision worlds beyond ordinary perception.

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