Autumn Remembrance

Barbara McFadyen


Barbara McFadyen Jewelry
Chapel Hill, NC, United States

2.75” x 2. x .3125”

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Photo credit: Jason Dowdle

My work is about remembering, love and longing, and finding solace through reflections of the past. By preserving memories and the stories they hold, in paper, metal, and enamel I am reconnected to those loved and lost and able to find my center in the present. Using historical reference to mourning and sentimental jewelry in their framework and design, the brooches I create act as portal to the past, as well as a form of protection. As I explore forms of adornment or the Artist book, I am able to find solace and preserve treasured memories. Through shadows of the silhouette or the gaze of one loved and lost, I endeavor to create a sense of intimacy, sacred space, and connection to those held dear. My inspirations are deeply connected to the natural world’s geometric patterns and intricate details. I believe that the experience of awe while observing nature’s beauty and power can remind us of our place in the world in the midst of the chaos of the everyday.

Barbara McFadyen is a metalsmith and enamelist designing jewelry in gold, silver, and enamel for over four decades. She received her MFA in Metal Design from ECU. Recognized through ACC, the Smithsonian, SNAG, and the Enamelist Society exhibitions, her work is found in collections of the Mint, Arkansas, Crocker Museum Yale University Gallery.

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