Beautiful Erosion

Nancy Klotz


nk jewel art
New York, NY, United States

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I work in primarily in gold and silver ,often incorporating gemstones. I have a painting background and I find that this adds to my jewelry making. I make pieces that tell stories. It is a way to express my views and sometimes these pieces can seem like puzzles. Though I work has a message I strive for a balance of beauty that allows it to be appreciated at first glance. The story can reveal itself more slowly. I regard every piece I make the way I do my paintings. They are meant to be works of art. I want them to stand on their own but I also believe that when a piece of jewelry is worn it evolves and is enhanced. In the same way the wearer should feel enhanced by wearing a piece. Adornment is by its very nature expression of the wearer. Ultimately, I want my work to give the one adorned to feel noticed and good about it.

I have a background as a painter and a ceramic artist. My jewelry shows a connection to these disciplines. I am a sole proprietor and I design and fabricate all of my pieces. I work in a studio and I sell my work on line and through galleries. I also have done some commission pieces. All my pieces are one of a kind and I regard each piece an artwo

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