Berry Garland

Jan Smith


Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

8.5 x 6.8 x 0.9 cm

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Photo credit: Gillean Proctor

In my artistic practice since 2014 I have used repetitive mark making comprised of lines and dots to alter the metal substrate combined with vitreous enamel to give a tactile delicacy inferring surfaces and textures from my environment. Walking, observing, and gathering are my daily rituals; I am absorbed by the complexity of the ephemeral natural ecosystem.
Evolving from an intimate connection to place and reflects my sense of identity and home this current work reflects my ongoing preoccupation with marks the ocean and wind create on the sand and stone upon the shoreline of the west coast of BC. This work is a means of highlighting my concerns surrounding environmental issues, particularly climate change. My work memorializes fleeting moments of our natural world and I am asking the wearer and viewers to reflect on what is fleeting, perhaps endangered, in these times.

Jan Smith holds a BFA from NSCAD, Halifax, NS; lives on the west coast of Canada. Smith is exploring the emotional significance of quotidian moments.. Jan has exhibited in Canada, USA, France, Scotland, and England. She has work in public collections Canada and US and is published in a number of art jewelry books.

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