Bexar County. 53. San Antonio I

Olga Starostina


houston, TX, United States

4x2.75x 075

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Photo credit: Olga Starostina

Every year, thousands of desperate souls make the perilous journey through the dessert to cross the border towards the hope of better life. Many don’t make it. My series “Badges of Dishonor” commemorates the lost souls which made it to Texas but never reached salvation. Whether there it is 23 involved in Goliad County crash in 2012 or 53 victims suffocated in truck in Bexar County 10 years later, Death was the last stop in a desperate journey to salvation they would never reach.

Olga Starostina is a Houston Metal and Mixed Media artist, born in Moscow, Russia. She primarily works with 'free cast' aluminum cold connecting it with leather as her favorite metalsmithing process.

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