Big rock

Judy Parady


Judy Parady Studio
Decatur, GA, United States

Pear shape faceted quartz 54mm x 32mm, hand-made chain 7.25 inches

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Photo credit: TW Meyer

Jewelry is a way to creatively express the values of both the wearer and the maker. In this piece, the overscaled gemstone might comment on overt displays of wealth, reference hip-hop culture, or simply show an attraction to the beautiful rocks of this planet. My primary reason for making it was to wear this giant quartz. It looks best at a cocktail party as it dangles nicely from the wrist while holding a drink. Depending on the audience, the bracelet might spark a conversation or just as quickly shut one down. In that way, it proves useful when meeting new people. Their reaction to it is a barometer of culture and values which is helpful for me because, being naïve, I too often misread clues others seem to understand.

I am an artist, jewelry maker, and teacher living in Decatur, GA. I love being part of the metalsmithing lineage and am privileged to share the skills learned from personal exploration and other metalsmiths. My jewelry addresses the need for adornment. I’m honored when people choose my art to communicate their status in the tribe.

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