Biology of the Strange VI

Kristina Glick


Pocatello, ID, United States

3 x 3 x .5 inches

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Photo credit: Kristina Glick

There is something both mysterious and straightforward in the creation of any artwork. This duality fascinates me, and over the years my creative process has evolved to take advantage of the intersection of chance and purpose. Processes such as electroforming or enameling offer elements of chance and randomness, while the precision of sawing, patterning, and fabricating are conscious and planned. I’m drawn to abstraction because it is open ended, inviting both artist and viewer to find multiple points of connection and meaning in each artwork. While some of my pieces are purely nonrepresentational, many hint at unfamiliar landscapes or intricate biological studies.

Kristina Glick is a metalsmith and enamelist living and working in Southeastern Idaho. In addition to her own studio practice, Kristi heads the Metals and Jewelry program at Idaho State University and teaches workshops for crafts schools and metalsmithing groups around the country.

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