Mercury Swift


Baltimore, MD, United States

50 x 20 x 5 cm

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Photo credit: Mercury Swift

BLOOM plays with the concept of natural flow as it permeates our world. I observe this flow in the natural, digital, and spiritual worlds. These worlds are merged by the hand to form a transcendental experience. Strings of silicone move through synthetic forms constructed by lasers flowing through liquid resin, and molten glass flowing through a flame. My work blends the digital and physical, the natural and man-made, the fantasy and reality. The digital realm allows me to play with space using mathematics — a universal material. The physical realm allows me to blend the universal elements inside of glass. As my body labors these materials, I find myself in the most fluid conversation with my energetic self.

Mercury Swift seeks to explore physical and energetic relationships through the transcendental qualities of metal, glass, and the digital realm. These media allow the artist to alter space, creating embodiments of meditations on their inner world and our shared reality. Swift unites the self with the flow of nature to integrate art with life.

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