Bolo Tie

Lucas Pointon


Madison, WI, United States

1.5 x 3 x 1 inches

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Photo credit: Jim Escalante

My new series of works is inspired by Medieval reliquaries, containers that hold the relic of a saint. I am interested in the ways we venerate the dead and living, and within my work, the American cockroach serves as our modern surrogate. Living in a time of cheap manufactured goods and a love for “trash,” cockroaches, are considered the garbage collectors of terrestrial ecosystems. My reliquary jewelry illuminates these once living detritivores and, I hope, directs the viewers’ moral compass in waste management and environmental protection. My art jewelry is in essence venerating the breaking of the natural re-cycle by hosting the cockroach ironically; an agent of recycling halted from itself being recycled by yet other cockroaches. This becomes a beautiful stand in for the inability for the “king of trash” of our time, plastics, from being recycled and therefore accumulating in the natural world.

Lucas Pointon currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin, teaching metals as an adjunct-lecturer for the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He teaches both beginning and advanced jewelry/metalsmithing courses and is a professional goldsmith managing a local company’s workshop.

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