breathe 12

Anika Smulovitz


Boise, ID, United States

23 x 1 3/8 x 1 3/8 inches

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As an artist working with adornment, I am particularly interested in the relationship between object and wearer. In my jewelry I explore the creation of self-awareness and the transformation of intimate physical understandings of the body.

Is it possible to evoke the act of breathing in a static object through material choices? How might this tune the wearer into the power of their breath? This body of work explores these and other questions about the body in motion, and the intimate and personal interaction between the wearer and the object.

Anika Smulovitz is an artist, metalsmith, and Professor of Art at Boise State University. Her current research is focused on the body, loss of innocence, as well as, social activism and ritual. Her work is exhibited nationally and internationally and appears in numerous publications. She served on the SNAG Board of Directors (2009- 2012).

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