Bronze Flowers Clarity Bangle

Anna Nava-Liess


Anna Nava Handcrafted
Woodbridge, VA, United States

1.4 x 4.2

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Photo credit: Tony Ventouris

Shaping metal into forms inspired by textiles and silhouettes traditionally found in fashion has been a passion of mine, for some time. This statement bangle is both a frilly bell cuff on a sleeve and a dress for the arm.
Each of the hand-pierced, chemically etched, individually crafted flowers on this bangle bracelet have been riveted onto a stretchy stainless steel mesh base with a fine silver border.
Materials: stainless steel mesh, Fine Siver, .925 Silver, bronze metal, 18k gold accents

Many years ago, after growing up in California, more than almost two decades as a nomadic military spouse, traveling and living all over the US and Europe, overcoming neurosurgery and partial paralysis, I discovered jewelry-making and metal smithing; they helped me regain and refine fine motor skills lost to paralysis. I’m inspired by many things

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