Buy Nothing Gigantic Necklace

Emily Wiser


Hudson, OH, United States

48 x 36 inches

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Photo credit: Emily Wiser

In summer 2022, I had just moved to Hudson, Ohio and Buy Nothing was one of my first interactions with the Hudson community. The act of creating the necklace and the group donations and encouragement are all part of the final necklace itself. It’s not just the final product that’s important, but all the people that interacted with it during its making. The focus of Buy Nothing groups is on the community and the collective. I’d like to attribute authorship of this gigantic necklace to include all the people of the Hudson Buy Nothing Facebook group. This project could not have come into being without the community’s support. The memories of their mothers, their children, and their own hopes and dreams are embodied in this jewelry.

Emily Wiser lives in Hudson, Ohio and has been making jewelry for thirty years. She has a Jewelry Technician and a Graduate Jeweler’s certificate from Revere Jewelry Academy in San Francisco, and a Diamonds Certificate from the GIA. Currently, she creates one-of-a-kind experimental art jewelry and sculpture.

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