Cameo Appearance: Who am I?

Nicole DesChamps-Benke


Austin, TX, United States

17 x 11.5 .125 inches

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Photo credit: TJ Hilton

Today we partially live on the screen, in 2-dimensional digital worlds. Much like shadows of our full physical selves, social media reflects a projected persona and formulates a digital identity. My point of view and expression directly correlate to my identity. As I mature, I find more meaning living in the moment. Each piece in this series relates to a person, and that person is also the intended wearer. By wearing your silhouette, Cameo Appearance extends into the metaphysical. You be you.

Nicole DesChamps-Benke is an artist and educator residing in Austin, Texas. Currently, at Texas State University, Deschamps-Benke teaches full time and is the Director of the Multidisciplinary Innovation Lab in the School of Art & Design.

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