Carnelian Duesy Earrings–after a 1930 Model J Duesenberg

Deborah Vollmer Dahlke


Austin Birdstone Studio
Austin, TX, United States

.5 x 1.5 inches

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Photo credit: Bella Rothenflue

The Duesy earrings are based on my seeing for the first time the incredibly beautiful 1930 Model J Duesenberg car in an auto museum, now closed, in Sam Marcos, Texas. There was both a red Duesy and a blue Duesy, so I’ve made the earrings in blue chalcedony and red carnelian using Argentium silver. I work primarily in Argentium and am a member of the British Argentium Guild.

Austin Birdstone Studio's handcrafted artisan jewelry is truly unique. In her Texas Hill Country studio, each piece is individually designed and handcrafted by Deborah Vollmer Dahlke, an international jewelry award winner. " I believe each day is an opportunity to express creativity, and jewelry does that using our bodies as canvas."

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