Carry On: Destination X

Marilyn da Silva


Pinole, CA, United States

1" x 3 1/2" x 3"

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Photo credit: M. Lee Fatherree

My piece “Carry On: Destination X” is about how much travel has changed during the pandemic and how difficult it is to even pick a destination, or safer just to stay home. The Thurmanite in my piece is made of layered maps. The wood pieces are from an old Benjamin Moore paint yardstick. There are measurements on the back of the city names, which refer to social distancing guidelines. Each piece of the yardstick is captured in a bezel. The silver airplane inside the lid has a magnet and can move around the sky painted on a piece of steel. The title refers to carry-on as a form of luggage but also what the Queen might say when telling her subjects to ‘keep a stiff upper lip’.

MARILYN da SILVA’s work is based on telling stories through imagery and representational elements. Her trademark use of gesso and colored pencil creates a rich palette for her work. Marilyn is a professor at California College of the Arts. She is a Montgomery Fellow at Dartmouth College, an ACC Fellow and “Master Metalsmith 1999” at NOMM.

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