Charity Begins at Home

Frann Addison


Frann Addison Judaica
Acton, MA, United States

6 X 4 X 5

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Photo credit: Robert Schoen

Charity Begins at Home Tzedakah (charity) Box

One of the basics principles of Jewish life is charitable giving and behavior. Learning to be charitable, learning to be a righteous person, to act justly, take care of one’s family, and to help others, begins in the home. (Hopefully!)
A Tree of Life and the Hebrew word, “Tzedakah” (charity), are hand pierced from the front of the curving high polished pewter, and serve as a backdrop for the house in front.
pewter, brass, ceramic house

I enjoy seeing the potential in found objects and antique elements. Combining my metalsmithing skills with my artistic vision, I often transform these components into unique pieces of Jewish ritual objects. My Judaica is in the permanent collections of 4 museums, and has been featured in 10 books, The NY Times, Handmade Business Magazine, & calendars.

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