“Chercher sa stabilité 9” (Searching for Stability 9), from series: “Le fleuve porteur d’histoire » (River Stories).

Catherine Sheedy


Levis, QC, Canada

17,5 X 4,5 X 2,5 inches

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Photo credit: Anthony McLean

Fascinated by the impact of humans on landscape transformation, Sheedy draws inspiration from the origins of found material, creating jewelry pieces that testify of a site’s history. The stone used to create “Chercher sa stabilité” (Searching for Stability) necklaces, from the series “Le fleuve porteur d’histoire” (River Stories) was found in front of her house, at Lévis (Canada), on the shore of Saint Lawrence River. Between the XVI and XIX centuries this kind of flint stone was employed as weight to stabilize empty ships from Europe to America. Before returning, with the boat full of goods, the sailors had let the ballast stones there. Inspired by this story, she did an analogy with our constant search to find our own place in this world and the right balance in our life. Placed in the middle of the body, the necklace was for her the most appropriate object to express this intention. Through jewelry, she tries to grasp the physical and psychological impact of a portable art.

Catherine Sheedy lives in Québec, Canada. Trained in jewelry she also awarded an MFA in Visual Arts in 2007. Her interest in contemporary jewelry led her to participate in experimental workshops, artist-in-residence programs and exhibitions. Her work his represented by Noel Guyomarc’h and are part of the collections of the MUMAQ and MBAM museums.

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