Cicada Bracelet

Hsinyu Candy Chu


Redwood City, CA, United States

7'' x 0.5'' x 1/8''

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Photo credit: Hsinyu Candy Chu

Today, the culture of Japan is one of the most popular cultures around the world. Their culture not only reflects the attitudes of present day, but also trace back to the past.

Kumihimo is the traditional technique that uses silk threads to braid intricate colorful cords. This technique began as early as in the Edo period. The traditional belt of the Kimono, the Obi, is bound by a cord of Kumihimo. Samurai also used Kumihimo as laces for their armors and swords. The way they utilized the Kumihimo for knotting was very complex and creative.

I was inspired by the interesting knotting elements that made ropes into the design of animals, insects and flowers. This Cicada Bracelet is one of my creations from Samurai Knots series.

Hsinyu was born in Taipei, Taiwan. She came to San Francisco to attend university and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design and Master of Fine Arts in Jewelry Metal Art at AAU. She continue to create custom jewelry and sells in craft shows and holiday pop-ups. Now, Her studio is located in Milpitas, California.

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