Cicada Wing Garden Bangle

Jennifer Fairman


Jeni Elizabeth Jewelry
Ellicott City, Maryland, United States

3 x 2.5 x. 2.25

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Photo credit: © 2022, Jennifer E. Fairman.

I am often inspired by a geometric pattern or color palette I come across in my exploration of nature. Insect wing venation, the colors of a misty fall landscape, or the twisting pattern of a fruit cut in cross-section each find a place in my search for inspiration. I find myself being challenged to somehow capture those intricacies while experimenting with different materials in my studio. Botanicals, insects, recycled materials, and other curiosa are transformed into hand-crafted pieces. My work interweaves a variety of materials including sterling silver, bronze, titanium and other precious metals, enamel, gemstones, and found objects. This bangle is a titanium cicada wing that I have added a garden pattern to using sterling silver flowers and brass details. Gold porcelain paint was added as finishing touches. I hope the wearer of my pieces learns a little more about the structure I see in the natural forms I draw upon, and is inspired to seek the same when out in the world.

Jeni Fairman evokes the beauty and intricacies of elements she finds outdoors in her designs. Her studio draws on her professional background as a trained medical illustrator. Botanicals, insects, recycled materials, and curiosa are transformed into creates one-of-a-kind adornments. The distinguished cicada-inspired designs are her signature.

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