Collective Spicule Experiment

Clayton Salley


Austin, TX, United States

50" x 40" x 36"

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Photo credit: Professor Robly Glover

Creating repeated forms help me flow in the subconscious. While enveloped in my subconscious, I observe the nuances of my ego. This creation process drives me to explore ego’s functioning while archiving artifacts of our current existence. The culmination of my environments— social, political, and natural— get hammered into my art works.

Exploring textures, colors, patinas, and sound in my work allows me to tune the visual, auditory, and tactile experience of the wearer. The visual flow, movement of the eyes, and internal desire to touch the objects heightens awareness of the present.

The energy put into my art through, repeated hammer blows, allows me to embed a presence and create an aura through physical labor.

Clayton Salley is a contemporary art jeweler and metalsmith. He studied at Texas Tech University and will soon begin his MFA degree in Jewelry and Metal Arts at the University of Iowa. Salley has participated in international and national exhibitions, including the “SNAG x Providence Juried Student Exhibition.”

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