Cappy Counard


Edinboro, PA, United States

3.5 x 4 x .75

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Photo credit: artist

The part of life that continues to fascinate me most is how human beings affect each other. I’m especially curious about the strength and beauty of the collective. What roles people will play, how they’ll interact, and what they’ll contribute is always a mystery when they first assemble. I love to see how groups end up fitting together, sometimes in surprising ways, to create a whole.

In this piece separate blocks of wood interconnect, each affecting the others until they become one. Shaping the singular form also changes the individual parts. Ultimately the collective generates something distinct from the original components. This work celebrates the intricacy of collaboration and the vast potential of community to create possibility and hope.

Cappy Counard graduated with an MFA from SIU - Carbondale and a BS in Art from UW – Madison. She exhibits, lectures and demonstrates throughout the United States and her work is featured in many books. Cappy has been a Professor of Metals and Jewelry at Edinboro University (now PennWest Edinboro) for more than twenty years.

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