Connecting Ink

Chelsea Rowe


Richmond, VA, United States

12 x 17 x 1 inches

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Photo credit: Manavi Singh

My work engages human nature’s desire to connect. Through making, I explore how objects act as intermediaries between people. This work reflects on the delicate balance and navigation that happens when we intertwine our lives with others.

Inspired by relationships between objects, things, and people, I painted a series of watercolor drawings, exploring these ties. The painted shapes suggest function, yet flow ambiguously instead of linking mechanically. After translating these into metal, the ink drawings are manifested into jewelry and sculpture. The blur between 2 and 3 dimensionality, meandering between functional and seemingly functionless objects, supports the interconnectivity I explore.

Chelsea Rowe (she/her) is an artist originally from the Midwest. Currently based in Richmond, Virginia, she is a first year Craft/Material Studies Graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University. Rowe completed her BFA at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. She is an active member of Ethical Metalsmiths.

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