Construction Glasses

Wantong Zhang


Lawrence, KS, United States

5 x 7 inches

Photo credit: Wantong Zhang

The concrete structure formed by countless iron rods of the building from the Crystal Palace has become my main inspiration for this series of works, the paneled huge glasses not only amazed me with their transparency that allows the lighting to go through the whole structure but also its fluent, repetitive construction curves. I want to engage this sense of clean, minimal design into this series of work with a sense of future that combines with this innovative, destroyed building from the last century. Studying the structure and understanding the enterprising spirit is my best way to cherish this architectural miracle.

Hi, my name is Wantong Zhang, I'm a graduate visual art student focused on Metalsmithing and Jewelry from the University of Kansas. I'm currently studying at Parsons School of Design.

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