Contact Cluster: a stack of five rings

Phill Mason


Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

80x50x30 mm

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Upon each of these rings balances a hollow-fabricated form, made by silver-soldering and gold-soldering up to 30 elements together, mastered from units originally fabricated in metal wire and granules. The completed forms are geodesic spheres, and abstracted extensions of them, suggestive of cellular or molecular biology, at a microscopic level, or simply forms of combined geometric annulus, regardless of scale.
These five rings continue the tradition of playing with the spatial arrangement of interacting forms surmounting the hand. The order in which the rings are compiled creates differing profiles, contacting one or two other forms in the cluster at different points upon the same finger, or not at all if isolated on joints of separate fingers.
Of course, there is topical allusion to pandemic conditions, both in symbolism and in form, but I see more universality of concern, which the pieces go beyond.
This work was selected as a finalist in ‘CraftForms 2021’

Majored in Bauhaus study at Sydney Uni, '70s. Explore geometric expressionism, combining triangle, circle and square; quatrefoils, trefoils, squaring the circle, cubing the sphere, triangulation of curvature; explore new forms in traditional metals, with mastery of autodidact techniques. Multi-awarded; inaugural Winner 'Contemporary Wearables' 1989

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