Creating Connections

Connor Ryan


Forked River, New Jersey, United States

14 X 10.5 inches

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Pushing, merging, and intertwining the boundaries of jewelry, sculpture, and art is something that I have always been compelled to do since my start in metals and jewelry three years ago. I create sculptural jewelry that is worn on the body as a one-of-a-kind statement piece, but can also be displayed as sculpture when it is off the body. Not only is this necklace categorized as wearable sculpture, but it also uses interchangeable pieces that make it interactive beyond just wearing it.
“Creating Connections” came from the idea of me wanting to share my love for sentimental objects with the audience. The work breaks down complex forms into simple shapes to allow the viewer to recognize objects, structures, or people that are significant in their own lives. This allows the audience to share the same feelings I have when I hold an everyday object with meaning behind it.

With a heavy influence from post modern architecture and the kinetic art movement his artwork displays sleek lines, organic curvature, and a touch of movement. I allow the wearer to interact with my jewelry more than just wearing it.

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