Creature Comforts

Andi Terry


Forged From Nature
Liberty Hill, TX, United States


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Photo credit: Doug Miller Photography

The connection we have to our home for most of us is more than a shelter; it signifies a place of comfort, of family, of friendship,of powerful emotions, both good and bad. A place where we can feel most comfortable being ourselves. This connection to a place has become even more crucial during the pandemic, when it became the epicenter of all activity for everyone across the globe. The filigree shell seeks evoke that concection to home. The meaning of the snail shell is meant to be both figurative and symbolic. The snail always carries its home on its back, his shelter is always present and with him. Symbolically, this is also the case, we emotionally carry our connection to home in our hearts and minds.
In the construction of this piece, I imaged what would be the ultimate place where a snail would be at home, a huge shell to take shelter in, with all the favorite leafy treats that a snail would enjoy, represented by the three pins contained within the shell.

Andi Terry is a jewelry artist working in precious metals, making sculptural pieces out of filigree, chasing and repousse and keum-boo. She started her education at Austin Community College, and is continually learning new techniques. In 2019, she was a finalist in the Saul Bell competition in the silver category for “An Elegant Disintegration”.

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