Crowned Milagro Heart

Lorena Angulo


San Antonio, TX, United States

3.14 x 3.11 x 0.90 inches

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Photo credit: Lorena Angulo

Since I can remember art has been a strong influence in my life. I come from Mexico, a country so rich in traditions, culture and art; everything that surrounded me when I was a child living in Southern Mexico (Chiapas) has been very important in my formation as an artist.
I was fortunate to travel and lived in many states in my country which gave me the exposure to so many different art forms and traditions.
My work is a big representation of my big love for my country and culture; which allows me to create pieces with much soul. I love to create pieces that represent me and that can tell a story, every piece I create is a reflection of myself.

Lorena Angulo grew up in Mexico, and the country’s wealth of traditions, culture, and art played a fundamental role in her formation as an artist. Now based in San Antonio, Texas; she creates her jewelry mainly in silver & bronze. Lorena's wearable art reflects the beauty and traditions of Mexican folk art, embodying her love for her country.

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