Crush to Form_2

Angela Jo

Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

3.5x3.5x3.1 inches, 3.1x3.1x4 inches, 2.3x2.3x2.7 inches

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Photo credit: Park Yoon Studio

Photopolymerizing crushed gemstones and sterling silver using UV-curing resin is developed through series of experiments as a new metalsmithing technique. This technique is based on Crushed Stone Inlay, in which crushed gemstones are adhered in crevices in metal with an adhesive. By replacing the cyanoacrylate adhesive used in this technique with UV-curing resin and photopolymerizing crushed gemstones and sterling silver was developed and an expansion of the use of crushed gemstones in metals beyond the traditional concept of inlay was possible. The methodology of using crushed gemstones that may have lost their value can open up new ways to adding natural colors in metalwork, and also be used with the purpose of ornamentation as well as be the material itself to construct form.

Artist, jeweler and maker. Works are Inspired by ephemeral quality of nature and most recent works were resulted from my interest in gemstones and ancient craft history.

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