CZ Dome (Twilight Brooch), Frame 0

Ben Dory


SAVANNAH, GA - Georgia, United States

2.5 x 2.5 x .75 inches

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Photo credit: artist

CZ Dome is one solution in an ongoing effort to design pieces that self-iterate by changing over time. Using computer software that allows me to simulate or animate certain elements (in this case the size and location of the stone settings), I can cycle through potentially infinite variations until arriving on a design that is most appealing. ‘Frame 0’ in the title indicates that this particular piece is a proof of concept, and future iterations can defined by their frame number in the simulation.

Ben Dory is a jeweler specializing in stainless steel granulation, broadly focusing on technological interpretations of traditional studio practices. After recently completing a 3-year residency as the Visiting Professor in Metals at the University of Arkansas Little Rock, Ben now works from his studio in Savannah, GA.

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