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Kristin Merrill


Kristin Merrill Jewelry
Bridgeport, CT, United States

9 x 5 x 1 inches

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Photo credit: Kristin Merrill

I am a very spiritual person and use my art practice to foster enlightenment, much as a Buddhist uses meditation. I believe that there is a magical, unknown world that exists on a similar plane to ours. Personal experiences of the supernatural influence my work greatly. My work is largely about transformations—about taking diverse materials and creating something new and different or reflective of historic and unexplained events.

I am continually experimenting and combining precious gems, pearls and metals with found objects. For the last 30 years, I have cultivated the traditional metal working skills I gained in art school, but I also enjoy breaking the rules by melting, fusing, piercing and burning materials to bring out their natural beauty. That combination of traditional and creative—of left brain and right brain—is how I see the world around me, so it is not surprising that it appears consistently in my work.

Over the last thirty years as an artist, Kristin Merrill has exhibited throughout the Northeast, most memorably in a traveling exhibit with Tiffany’s & Co. and Christies, NY. Her studio is located at Metro Art Studios in Bridgeport, CT and she welcomes the public to visit “Open Studios” events six times a year. Her showroom is open by appointment.

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