Dancers earrings

Ilene Schwartz


Ilene Schwartz Jewelry
Chester, NY, United States

1.87″L, 0.67″W, 0.15″D

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Photo credit: Cole Rodger

These one-of-a-kind earrings are fabricated in 18k yellow gold with a beautifully patterned, fossilized dinosaur bone, 6mm trillion cabochon garnets and 3mm black diamonds. a chased pattern around each stone adds a bit of sparkle and the gold is given a matte finish. The posts are 18k.
As with much of my work the linear elements create a sense of movement, arms thrown up in joy above a long swinging skirt.
These stylized figurative earrings appear to dance on your ear.

My work is a combination of 18k gold, sterling silver, and a variety of gemstones. Linear designs suggest a happy movement that is figurative and playful. My pieces are hand fabricated. Much of the work is given a soft matte finish and chasing and engraving add texture. This use of combining texture and color is my version of painting.

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