Decorative Champlevé Vessel – FACETS 6 Edition

Barry Wechsler


ultraWAVE Art Metal Studio
Yorktown Heights, NY, United States

5.2" dia x 6.4" h

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Photo credit: B Wechsler

This edition of the Studio’s decorative vessels invokes a unique design on each of eight sides (“facets”), visually and stylistically integrated as a set while presenting subtle individual differences – a symbolic synergy of social harmony and personal space.

The edition features formed and handwrought heavy gauge copper with kiln-fired opaque enamel glass inlay (champlevé). After the hand hammering of the copper vessel is resolved, a Studio signature design of multiple individual cells is acid-etched on each facet. Multiple kiln firings of vitreous enamel glass slurries in the individual cells, guided by direct visual inspection, yield the finished glass inlay design. After the multiple kiln firings are finished, the metal “reserve”, surrounding the glass cells, is energized by applying the Studio’s formulary blend of patinas.

The vessels in this edition measure approximately 5.25″ diameter x 6″ high and present the inlay design and colors as pictured.

ultraWAVE Art Metal Studio creates captivating editions of art metal vessels featuring precision vitreous enamel techniques, including champlevé (a method of glass inlay) and basse-taille (a method of glass overlay). "For me, there is an initial lure of natural pattern, ignited by the joys of color, texture and resonant form." - Barry Wechsler

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