Deity Pyramid Necklace

Zara Bish


Zara Bish Jewelry
Sedona, AZ, United States

18"w x 0.5"h x 0.25"d

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Photo credit: Zara Bish

This sterling silver necklace is a symbol of divine femininity. The upside-down triangles, symbolic themselves, also feature a 3-dimensional bosom form. The hard points repeating along the neckline create hardness, while the tops of the pyramids are soft and rounded. A necklace meant for a goddess!

Each pyramid is hand-forged and hollow. There is a hole in the back for air to escape during soldering. This keeps the necklace light and comfortable for the wearer. All components and construction were hand done.

The limitless opportunities to express one's self with jewelry thrills me. Of all the artistic mediums I’ve explored, jewelry design and metalsmithing leave me the most creatively charged. While working I keep this quote in mind, "Art has no rules". The more I push the boundaries with my designs I know I'm sharing the most authentic part of myself.

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