Sue Amendolara


Edinboro, PA, United States

6.5 x 4.5 x 2 inches

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Photo credit: Robert Thomas Mullen

Demand/Offer was made for an exhibition called “Paper Alchemy” which uses a laminated paper called Thurmanite, created by James Thurman. After I sanded and polished the surface of the Thurmanite, the only readable word was “Demand(ed).” I want to offset the aggressive and commanding tone of this word with a gentler and more welcoming one. I referenced the form of a book to relate to the text on the Thurmanite. The black and white text helped me to define the other materials of blackened silver and white holly. The deep magenta satin and silkscreened gold letters were used to contrast the muted colors and hard materials. The cast element that frames the word “offer” is a seed pod, an object that spreads beauty. The organic quality of the casting is also used in contrast to the geometry of the book form to soften the overall feeling of the piece.

I am newly retired from teaching Jewelry and Metals at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania for 31 years. I create jewelry and sculpture that deals with ideas in everyday life such as grief and gratitude. My work is made with precious metals, wood, fiber, and other non-traditional materials.

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