Device for an Open Throat

Christy Georg


Santa Fe, NM, United States

12" x 6.5" x 5.5”

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Photo credit: Tonee Harbert

The throat is the center of communication and self-expression, the site for manifestation, transforming ideas into actualization. Related to the chakras of Vedic philosophy, in Human Design this energy center is a nexus- this crossroads may creatively “voice” through its connection with the mind, identity, ego, heart, emotions, gut instinct and/or intuition… from where does one “speak” and is the voice effective?

This apparatus might serve as antenna and amplifier- receiving, boosting, or translating a message. Or, it may act as heatsink – dissipating and projecting energy out; a pressure release. It presses the neck back, opening the throat in preparation for an exchange – giving, receiving, or transforming expression with creative singular voice. The form of the vessel is a collector- metaphorically here, for vibration and sound, filling or emptying with its conductive metal.

Raised and fabricated red brass, yellow brass, patinated steel

Christy Georg is an Artist / Adventurer. She has worked as a deckhand aboard schooners, thru-hiked the Pacific Crest and Colorado Trails, and cruised the Arctic. Courage, endurance, and fortitude are recurring themes in her artwork, studio practice, and life. She has her BFA from Kansas City Art Institute and MFA from Mass College of Art.

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