Diagnostic Earrings

Louise Perrone


Vancouver, BC, Canada

7 x 2 x 0.5 cm

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Photo credit: Louise Perrone

Diagnostic Earrings are made from plastic armatures from used rapid antigen Covid tests, shrouded in monochrome lycra and embellished with beads. This work explores the gravity of throwaway objects that contain the possibility to grant or deny freedom. The somber colour palette, unusual in my work, reflects the solemn nature of the subject matter. Although these tests promise “fast and reliable results for travel, business or reassurance,” the transformation process is slow. First, I use the device window as a loom to weave tiny glass beads representing the missing test strips directly onto the earrings. Next, additional beads circumscribe and emphasize the seams on the oblong forms, obscuring the hand-sewn stitches that suture the broken tests. Finally, the specimen hole is pierced and riveted, allowing a wire to pass through the test and attach the piece to the body.

Louise Perrone is a British-born Canadian jewellery artist using textile and plastic waste to explore gender, labour, and sustainability. She is an instructor in the jewellery programs at LaSalle College and Vancouver Community College. An active member of the Craft community, Louise served as president of the VMAA and Co-chair of SNAG's EIM

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