Diamond Dimensions

Dr. Mekah Gordon


Santa Fe, NM, United States

3/4"x 5/8 x 1/2"

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Photo credit: MEKAH

All my work for the last 50+ years have been entirely handcrafted, One-of-a-Kind body adornments.

As an “Old School” craftsperson, my designs and creations are an embodiment of personal skills, as well as having Robert Ebendorf as my Professor and mentor.

My work has been in numerous galleries throughout the U. S., in addition to being in several private collections around the world.

One of my designs was purchased by Tiffany & Co., NY, in 1992, for prospectus.

My teaching career has spanned over 35 years as a High School Art Instructor, including 17 years as a Professor of Gold and Silversmithing in NY.

At the present time, I am instructing/mentoring the Art of Metalsmithing in my Jewelry Studio, in Santa Fe, NM.

Education, Music, and sharing my extensive knowledge with others has been my mantra, , for most of my life.

The work that I am submitting is a compilation of unique styles and designs based upon my ancient heritage.
Encompassing the many genomes from my DNA history.

☆ Gold and Slversmith-Metalsmith for 50+ years. ☆ Designing and Creating One-of-a-Kind Body Adornments. ☆ Gold & Silversmithing Professor for 17 years. ☆ MEKAH/ Gold & Silversmithing Studio & Educational Center (Owner/CEO) ☆ Studied under Master Gold & Silversmith, Robert Ebendorf. ☆ One of my designs was bought for prospectus by Tiffany & Co., NY.

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