Dipterocarpus Lowii

Shannon Kennedy


Cynosure Jewelry
Kitchener, ON, Canada

5x1.5x0.015478 inches

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Photo credit: Shannon Kennedy

“I love what I do because it provides me with an artistic outlet. By being a jewellery designer, I am able to create something that not only means something special to me but also to the person who is wearing it. In a way, it allows me to live on forever, there is a piece of me that will always be out there. The interesting thing though, is that it’s not only a piece of me, it’s a piece of the jewellery owner as well. I help people to represent their own uniqueness.”

Shannon graduated in 1996 from the Ontario College of Art and Design and furthered her jewellery making skills by attending George Brown College's Jewellery Art Program. She is an award-winning designer, a Saul Bell finalist, and published PMC artist. Always exploring new techniques and materials, she loves to teach and take classes.

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