Julian De La Garza


Julian The 2nd Jewelry
Cranston, RI, United States


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I make talismanic objects for use in ritual mediation. This ring, Draugr, is meant to be worn and the gemstones rubbed to enter into a liminal meditative state. This process is similar to mala beads or rosary beads, intending to process and explore one’s thoughts of grief or other feelings. The center figure represents the self surrounded by golden light in darkness. This is the way I imagine myself when meditating. The ring is heavy and weighted well to give the wearer a deeper embodied experience, always aware of the presence of the piece, the self and their sacred space.

I am a jewelry artist from Rhode Island. I create one of a kind and limited production runs of each design of my designs. I am inspired by brutalist architecture, and religious architecture as well as the occult. I have a dark aesthetic that I augment with pops of rich color from gemstones and I utilize 3D printing, casting and fabrication.

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